In giro per l’isola

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Scegli un escursione con noi, potrai conoscere le scogliere, visitare le spiagge, l’area protetta, il paese e le sue tradizioni, il miglior shopping e la miglior gastronomia.

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L’isola di San Pietro ha un’ estensione perfetta per essere esplorata. Meno di 6 miglia di lunghezza e 5 miglia di larghezza, le escursioni possono incominciare il mattino e riportarvi alla vostra sdraio o hotel dopo pranzo.


  • Escursioni di mezza giornata partono sia il mattino che il pomeriggio

  • Orari: Partenza alle ore 10:00 rientro ore 13:00 – Partenza ore 15:00 e rientro ore 18:00 (l’orario puo essere variato secondo richiesta)

  • Escursioni giornata intera: Partenza ore 10:00 e rientro ore 18:00 (altri orari disponibili ed ore extra)


Going on safari for half or full day of fun in the island.While there are many things a person may need on such a day, here are a few suggestions of what we feel should not be left back in your room.

Put on Suntan Lotion      images

Carloforte can see roughly 320 days of sunshine each year. We recommend wearing suntan lotion because our entire day is spent in the sun with open jeeps, and we’d hate to see you turn into bright red tomatoes.

Drink Plenty of Water        download

Dehydration and fainting are two side effects of hot summer days spent in the sun. We will carry water for everybody and there are some stops along the way to buy something to drink or refill an empty bottle. So drink up!

Bring A Camera              images (1)

Being in excursion means also find beautiful views of the island. Bring a camera to capture some amazing pictures and to take home memories!

Wear A Cap                       images (2)

In a full day excursion from morning until late afternoon we drive through the island and we go on beaches and cliffs . The sun is shining very bright. It can also get very windy. We suggest wearing a cap to shield your eyes from the rays and to keep your hair from blowing away.